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In 2016, many reporters and beauty experts said that Kate Middleton had the ‘perfect’ nose. And in 2022, many chose Bella Hadid’s nose to be the epitome of perfection. So, is there really a perfect nose? Our answer? No, there is no such thing as a perfect nose. Everyone’s nose is unique and beautiful in its own special way! But what do rhinoplasty surgeons recommend when asked about the most attractive nose shape?



Perfect nose shape?

Beauty is truly subjective, and whether we’re admiring a work of art or observing the person next to us, everyone has their own signature opinion on what makes a nose beautiful. Have you ever stopped to contemplate why some noses are deemed more attractive than others? The answer might surprise you! There appear to be particular features that can add aesthetic charm to your schnoz.

What makes a nose attractive?

While there is no definitive “perfect” nose, everyone has their idea of what looks good on them. If you’re looking for a facial feature that will make your features more aesthetically pleasing, here are some key points to consider: Noses come in all shapes and sizes, yet certain ones may be perceived as more attractive than others. When selecting the right one for you, keep these aspects top of mind – they can help ensure your new look makes a lasting impression!


When it comes to selecting an ideal nose shape, size and balance are both essential considerations! Generally, a smaller nose is seen as more aesthetically pleasing due to its proportionality compared to other facial features like eyes and mouth. Creating a straight bridge line can also contribute towards making a face appear symmetrical and balanced – two key factors that lead to an attractive look overall.


The shape of a nose can play an important role in how attractive it is perceived. Noses with sharper edges, for example, tend to be seen as more attractive than those with softer curves.


ideal nose shapeApart from size and shape, the angle of your nostrils can also make a difference in enhancing your facial attractiveness. An upturned or flared nose adds character to your face, while downturned ones project an impression of sadness and weariness. Having alar wings along the sides that are slightly pinched at the opening gives off a more graceful effect on one’s appearance.

Proportion and symmetry

Everyone has their own opinion on what makes a nose beautiful; however, balanced proportions and symmetry are always important factors. Humans inherently find pleasing facial features attractive; thus, the size of one’s nose should be relative to the rest of the face. If it is too small or large, it will stand out in an unpleasant way instead of accentuating its overall appearance – this is exactly why surgeons strive to achieve equilibrium through most plastic surgery procedures!

How to Measure Facial Symmetry

When it comes to evaluating facial symmetry, some plastic surgeons rely on neoclassical facial canons that divide the face into quadrants by drawing horizontal and vertical lines. This method of analysis allows practitioners to assess and enhance each area with more accuracy.

By gauging the ideal measurements of a nose, it is easy to visualise its perfect positioning and size. Unfortunately, with plastic surgery being an option, you cannot move the placement of your nose. That’s why having handy tools that can assess the tip and width of nostrils are incredibly valuable!

The rules include the following:

Horizontal Thirds of the Face

To create a balanced and symmetrical facial frame, adhere to the rule of horizontal thirds. This guideline proposes that noses should be one-third the height of an individual’s face; this equal measurement must also span both upper and lower face halves for optimal allure. The harmonious measurements will result in conveniently attractive features that are eye-catching! An experienced rhinoplasty surgeon can reshape a hook nose by removing the excess cartilage from its tip, ultimately creating vertical symmetry in someone’s face.

Vertical Fifths of the Face

If you’re looking for a foolproof way to achieve facial symmetry, the vertical fifths rule could be your answer. This method divides the face into five equal parts, where each section is approximately as wide as an eye length. For perfect harmony, ensure that both your nose and eyes are in alignment with this middle-fifth area of your visage.

attractive nose shapeYearning for a more refined nose? Alarplasty is the answer! This method shrinks your nostrils to give them an attractive, distinct shape. Alternatively, suppose you find your nose too narrow and would like to add some width to achieve better facial symmetry. In that case, cartilage can be successfully incorporated into this procedure as well.

A Mathematically Perfect Nose

Research has revealed that the most visually appealing noses are shaped according to mathematical proportions and angles. One study took this a step further by employing computer-generated facial models in order to identify precisely which angle between the brow and nose tip made it desirable. With these results, creating a beautiful nose becomes easier than ever before!

Research has explored the Nasolabial Angle between a person’s nose and upper lip to determine which type of nose is deemed most attractive. The data collected revealed that certain features are preferred among both genders, highlighting the shared standard of beauty across male and female noses.

Research Findings

The research concluded that a beautiful nose is defined by the following:

  • A nose length that is 0.67x midfacial height
  • A straight dorsum or a straight dorsum that reduces approximately 2mm below the tip of the nose.
  • The projection of the nose measured from the alar crease is 0.55-0.60 of the nasal dorsal length.
  • A nasolabial angle of 95-115 degrees in women and 90-95 degrees in men.
  • The angle the nose makes with the forehead (the nasofrontal angle) is within 115-130 degrees. More obtuse angles generally look better on women and more acute on men.
  • The columella show should be 2-4mm. This refers to how much of the inner lining of the nostrils is visible on the profile view (columellar show).

Crafting a nose that is both aesthetically pleasing and harmonious with the rest of your facial features requires much more than just its shape. Symmetry, proportion and angles all work together to create an attractive result. To ensure you get the look you desire, it’s wise to speak with our certified plastic surgeon, who can guide you through creating your ideal appearance. With our help, any changes made will leave you glowing!

Top most attractive nose shapes

No two noses are alike; however, some shapes tend to be more aesthetically pleasing than others regarding attractiveness.

The Snub Nose

The snub nose is a frequent favourite due to its charming nature. This type of nose features a small size that slopes upwards towards the end, so much so that its nostrils become easily visible. The tip of the snub nose is neither round nor flat but rather slightly upturned, which gives off an air of nobility. A few recognisable celebrities with this shape are award-winning actress Carrie Mulligan and iconic Hollywood star Elizabeth Taylor – just two examples amongst many!

The Roman Nose

The Roman or Aquiline nose is easily identified by its unique curved-out shape and raised bridge. It’s known to signify the strength of character and prominent leaders, with actor Ryan Gosling being one example of someone bearing this type of nose. Its distinct appearance makes it stand out from the rest, giving a person an unforgettable aura!

The Turned-up/Upturned Nose

straight and small nose shapeThe celestial nose, otherwise known as the turned-up nose, has been identified by research as one of the most attractive. A depression in the mid-section characterises it, and a tip that juts outwards due to it being bulbous or bulky – this shape is more commonly found among Caucasians. Even though an exaggerated curve may not be everyone’s cup of tea, gentle curves are deemed quite aesthetically pleasing; for those who find their curved noses too prominent, surgery can act as an avenue to improve their appearance. As seen on Zac Efron himself, celebrities often display such noses!

The Greek Nose

The Mediterranean nose type is straight and associated with those who are thought to be intellectually sharp or in control of their emotions. The renowned Mona Lisa reportedly possessed this Greek-shaped nose profile, a notable celebrity example being Jennifer Anniston.

The Nubian Nose

This nose is distinctive in its lengthy and broad base. It’s a signature of open-mindedness, often seen in people with an insatiable curiosity and desire for new knowledge – much like superstar Beyonce and the 44th President of The United States, Barack Obama!

The Most Beautiful Nose

For a nose that perfectly complements your facial features, it is imperative to consider not only its shape but also how it looks combined with the other elements of your face. On top of gender and the dimensions of one’s face, creating an aesthetically pleasing result depends on these factors coming together harmoniously.

Don’t let yourself be pressured to pick a celebrity’s nose when selecting the ideal shape for your face. Instead, select something that is symmetrical and complements your facial features and aesthetic desires. By having realistic expectations on what surgery or treatments can achieve, you are sure to absolutely love the final result!

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