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As beauty standards depend on where in the world you are located, more and more people resort to surgical procedures to improve their looks based on what society dictates as beautiful. But in conjunction with the hype that cosmetic surgery brings to men and women unsatisfied with their physical attributes, comes the focus on the cost and the efficiency of the procedures. This is where Koreans stand out. As one of the most popular world leaders when it comes to cosmetic surgery, procedures like Korean rhinoplasty is definitely one treatment that foreigners and locals alike could not resist. Let us discover more about Korean rhinoplasty, why are people all over the world prefer getting it, and what factors need to be considered when thinking about getting rhinoplasty in Korea.


Korean Rhinoplasty: The Overview of Korean Plastic Surgery

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The greatest misconception about Korean plastic surgery is this: Koreans perform cosmetic surgeries to look less Asian. They are actually aiming for the opposite; they embrace their ancient standards of Korean beauty, so they alter their faces to satisfy Korean traditions.

It is a known fact that South Korea has the highest rate of performed cosmetic surgery procedures in the whole world. According to an article from the Telegraph UK, nearly 1 million cosmetic procedures are performed every year in Korea. And of all the plastic surgery procedures that are commonly performed, Korean rhinoplasty is the second most wanted by the young Korean population. The number one plastic surgery procedure they get is eyelid surgery, but because the nose is the centre of the face, Korean rhinoplasty is already a given. In fact, one out of three young Koreans aged 19 to 29 has already undergone a plastic surgery procedure before they reach their 30s. And it is very possible that most of them had nose job surgery.


Korea Rhinoplasty: Why Here?

If one has to choose a place and doctor to perform rhinoplasty, why would someone choose South Korea? Here, we have listed answers from people who have first-hand experience in getting their cosmetic fix in Korea.


In South Korea, Rhinoplasty is Cheap

If Koreans are the ones you will talk to, of course, their own cosmetic surgery prices are high. But because beauty standards in their country is a big deal as implied by their TV shows, documentaries, and news, they would save up their precious money and undergo one as soon as possible. Kids who reached young adulthood even request cosmetic surgery procedures as their birthday gift from their parents. This is how vastly accepted plastic surgery is in South Korea. However, if you are in Australia or western countries like the UK and the US, you can agree with us when we say that Korean rhinoplasty is really cheap compared to the ones offered to us at home. Can you imagine getting your nose fixed for as low as $2000! The most expensive Korea rhinoplasty we researched online is priced at $8000 only. In Australia, you can expect that the price range of rhinoplasty would be between $5000 to $15000, sometimes it can even reach $20000 depending on the surgeon, extent of the procedure, and geographical location of the clinic.


Korean Rhinoplasty is Specific

Korean standards of beauty are very detailed. For instance, Korean rhinoplasty has matching ideal measurements of the different sides and angles of the nose. This is why every rhinoplasty in Korea needs to be customised to cater to everyone’s needs.


Nose Types Covered by Korean Rhinoplasty

Short nose. Also known by many as ‘piggy nose’, short noses lack in nasal height and length, making the nostrils a bit more emphasised.

Low nose. Others call this flat nose, only because of the lack of your nose to have height makes it look flat, and your face look bigger.

Deviated nose. The septal deviation may be a congenital problem or a consequence of an accident where the nasal bone or cartilage inside the nose becomes deformed.

Droopy nose. This type is also called a hook or long nose, basically due to the way the tip of the nose extends lower instead of giving the nose the height and shape it deserves.

Hump nose. Having a dorsal hump or a defined bump on the nose bridge is a typical problem and cause for a patient to request a rhinoplasty.

Bulbous nose. Fatty tissues on either side of your nostrils or having thicker nasal skin make your nose look flaring and big.

Upturned nose. This may be due to a faulty initial nose job or implant rejection that makes the nose contract and shorten in length, making the nostrils exposed more.

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These nasal profile issues are addressed by different Korean rhinoplasty steps. This flexible trait of Korean rhinoplasty is something that most foreigners would want for their noses too. They do not wish to have a cardboard-cutout surgery; they want the doctor to make their nose well-proportioned to their face to suit their natural facial assets. In doing so, the cosmetic surgery results become flawless and even more natural-looking, making their transformation subtle yet attractive.


Plastic Surgeons in South Korea are Experts

Korean plastic surgeons who practice Korean rhinoplasty have earned their name through their years of experience and the number of times they have successfully performed the operation. Since plastic surgery is a common procedure in Korea, and rhinoplasty is the second most wanted cosmetic surgery, it can be presumed that Korean plastic surgeons have performed different rhinoplasty procedures, making them experts in their own right.


Korea Rhinoplasty: What You Need to Understand

If you think that rhinoplasty is Korea is the best way for you to get the transformation that you need and want, here are some reminders we wish to impart to you before booking your flight ticket outside of Australia or your own country.


Make Sure You Know All The Details About Your Surgery

Know and research about the surgeon, hospital, or establishment where you will undergo your procedure, the cost, and other details that should be transparent to you about the surgery. Get before and after images of your surgeon’s work so you at least have an idea about how your transformation will look like. Although it definitely is not exactly the same and it all depends on your personal need and preference, you at least have a gauge to measure if your level of aesthetics matches the surgeon’s.


Make Sure to Check the Travel Package

How long would you be expected to stay for the Korea rhinoplasty? Where will you stay? How should you travel to and from the hospital? Will the accommodation include your food? Do you have travel insurance? These questions need answers before saying yes and committing yourself to a medical tourism package to Korea.


Ensure your Safety

korean medical tourismWhat side effects should you expect after the procedure? What steps are they willing to take to avoid those complications? Is the hospital or clinic imposing safety guidelines the same way your own country implements them? Are they affiliated or referred by a plastic surgery practice at home? Do they have a direct connection to a doctor at home, so follow-ups would be convenient? Make sure that you know all the details about ensuring your safety as this is the ultimate priority everyone should have, especially when undergoing a surgical procedure out of the country.


Medical tourism is indeed a growing industry that some countries are taking advantage of. Although we do not aim to discriminate the efficiency and advantages that medical tourism providers take pride in, we still cannot diminish the fact that the safety and convenience of getting your cosmetic surgery procedures, like rhinoplasty, in your own country are more established than getting them overseas. If you are interested in getting rhinoplasty in Korea, we advise you to talk to your family doctor to help you understand the consequences of your decision. He can also help you get in touch with reliable plastic surgeons, like the ones we have at AU Rhinoplasty Sydney. Contact us at (02) 8880 9037 for more details.