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Does your nose have an upturned tip? If your nose happens to have its point in an upward angle and position, perhaps you’ve come to the stage where you consider having it changed. An upturned nose can create an illusion where you appear to have a short nose. This facial feature makes your nostrils look more prominent than the rest of your nose. Luckily, there are many surgical and non-surgical treatment options for an upturned nose.


What Is An Upturned Nose?

An upturned nose is more popular with the term pixie nose or short nose. Like any facial characteristics, an upturned nose should not cause any concerns unless it interferes with the person’s quality of life. If you are experiencing breathing problems and other issues that root from your upturned nose, it is essential to have it checked by an expert.

Some people find an upturned nose to be unusual. If the shape of your nose becomes too bothersome, you can opt for plastic surgery and other non-surgical reshaping choices.


Causes of an Upturned Nose



Unless you had an accident that causes your nose to have an upturned tip, there is a high chance that you inherited it from your family. Genetics plays a huge role in a person’s facial features, which roots back from our ancestors.nonsurgical nose job

Environmental factors and familial practices brought partial influences on our lineage’s characteristics. The nose is the primary regulator of the humidity and temperature of the air that we breathe. Since the human body learns to adapt on its own, climate changes lead to our nose shape development.


Birth Defects

Some rare gene mutations can cause medical conditions that affect a person’s physical appearance. These genetic anomalies often happen as early as conception. People who have these genetic mutations experience several defects in their features, including their noses. Here are some genetic conditions that can cause a short nose syndrome:



Sudden nasal trauma is another reason why a person’s nose appears to have an upturned tip. Severe injuries and a broken nose can cause changes in your nose shape. One of the most frequent cases that result in a short nose is when a person receives a frontal blow on the face. This incident can directly influence your nasal structure to push inward and upward. 

Here are some of the most common causes of a broken nose:

  • Walking into a hard surface or a wall
  • Falling face first
  • A direct hit to the nose
  • Getting your nose kicked or punched


Surgical and Non-surgical Treatment Options

A nose that has an upturned tip does not usually cause any problems. However, social norms and other psychological factors can affect a person’s confidence with an upturned nose. If you are not happy with the way your nose appears, you can still change its angle and shape. Here are some options that you can do about it.


Highlighting your other facial features

If you appear to have a short nose, many techniques can help make it look less prominent. It would be best to take the attention away from your nose. You can prevent people from noticing the upturned tip of your nose by following some of these techniques:

  • Contouring and Highlighting. Illusion should be your primary goal if you want your nose to become less noticeable. Proper contouring techniques can change your nose shape appear differently. Make-up experts suggest using dark contours to create a false shadow effect that minimises prominent areas. Highlighters are also essential in the regions that you want to accentuate.
  • Other Make-up Techniques. You can also steer away against a short nose by focusing and drawing attention to your eyes and lips. By doing this technique, you can tone down the upturned tip of your nose.
  • Changing your Hairstyle. Certain hairstyles can help highlight your nose. If you have heavy bangs and other haircuts with sharp angles, it is best to consider other options. Soft layers with a touch of waves or a slight lift can help soften your appearance. It also helps in pulling away from the attention from your nose.


Non-surgical rhinoplasty and injectable fillers

upturned nose tip causesWith today’s latest technology, you can now have a rhinoplasty without undergoing an invasive procedure. A non-surgical nose job uses injectable fillers that contain hyaluronic acid. This procedure can help you replicate the results of actual plastic surgery. The fillers have a gel-like consistency that adds fullness to your nasal structure, helping elongate your short nose.

Depending on your nose shape, the cosmetic practitioner may inject the fillers to the various parts of your nose, particularly along the upturned tip. Then, they use their hands to manipulate the filler’s shape, the same as what happens during plastic surgery.

The injectable fillers can last for a few months or years, depending on the product. Your surgeon may also use either removable fillers or absorbent ones.


Plastic surgery and rhinoplasty

If you want a longer-lasting nose job, it would be best to consider undergoing plastic surgery. It is a surgical procedure that completely reconstructs your nasal structure. When correcting the upturned tip of your nose, your surgeon may perform grafting techniques. These grafts are helpful in re-adjusting your nostrils that create an illusion of a short nose. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out and talk to our experts for additional information and professional advice.