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Your nose, regardless of its size or form, may have a tremendous impact on your looks and self-esteem. Because our noses are located at the centre of our facial structure, it is frequently the first facial feature that others will notice. Therefore, in today’s society, it has become a significant concern to identify which among the different types of nose shapes is the most attractive.

With the continuous changes in our concept of beauty, experts were able to distinguish one kind from another. While it’s one thing to know about different types of nose shapes, figuring out yours is another. Are you wondering which among these types do you have? Let’s find out.


Why are there Different Nose Shapes?

There are numerous kinds of noses, each with its own set of bone structures, cavity sizes, and cartilage formation. Since our nose is the most recognisable feature on our face, its shape and appearance will definitely influence our overall appeal. But have you ever wondered why we have varying nose shapes?

According to several studies, concepts behind human evolution, survival, and genetics explain why our nose shape varies. It further revolves around the principle called genetic drift. The evolutionary methods of genetic drift spell out how human adaptation influences changes in our appearance.

Additionally, other factors also lead to measurable differences between populations. For instance, researchers have proven links between nose measurements and climate. People with broader noses were more likely to reside in tropical and humid areas. In contrast, those with narrower nostrils lived in places with cold and dry climates.


What Are the Different Types of Nose Shapes?

Suppose you are looking for ways to redefine your nose shape. In that case, identifying your nose type is necessary to help you consider the best options. You can tell which kind you have based on the size of your nostrils, the form of your nasal bones, and the cartilages in your nose.

To help you find out your nose shape, here are the most frequent types that you can look out for:


Straight Nose

defining types of nose shapesThis nose shape, sometimes known as the Greek nose, is a popular choice for many individuals. Because of its well-structured and beautifully constructed bridge, it is hard to deny that a Greek nose is attractive. Greek noses do not have any form of curvature or humps, giving a stylish appearance to anyone who has it. Many people want this type of nose because it also features tiny nostrils, making it a popular demand for models and celebrities.


Aquiline Nose

Also known as Roman Nose, an aquiline nose consists of a broad bridge combined with a somewhat curvy appearance. The Roman nose is often compared to slightly curved eagle beaks. In the early European era, this type of nose is sought-after because it represents beauty and nobility.


Bulbous Nose

A bulbous nose is defined by a ball-like bony formation on the lower portion of the nose. This variety is more frequent in men, and it has a distinctive form that appears to be inflated. A bulbous nose can sometimes be caused by improper development of the nose’s cartilage. However, it is known that genetics also play a role in why someone has it.


Nubian Nose

The combination of an enlarged nose and a broad base is known as a Nubian nose. People of African heritage and other ethnic lineages are more likely to have this nose type. In recent times, people with Nubian noses seek treatments to narrow their nostrils, which is a popular way to define and polish their appearance.


Fleshy Nose

A fleshy nose is the most popular type of nose for both men and women. According to specialists, a fleshy nose characterises a combination of a fleshy downturned tip and weak cartilages. It is further defined by its sizable protruding form. It is also known for its colloquial term, the Einstein nose, because of its resemblance with the famous Albert Einstein.


Snub Nose

The snub nose is often compared with an upturned nose because of its short and stubby appearance. However, as the name implies, a snub nose looks precisely like a snubbed-nose revolver. It does not have a distinct buttoned impression, unlike that of a celestial nose. As a contrast for both types, an upturned nose has a more pointed and rounder form. Meanwhile, a snubbed nose appears softer and rounder, with only a slight upward slope to its tip.


Hawk Nose

As its name suggests, a hawk nose can be directly related to a hawk’s bent beak. It appears like a protruding nose bridge that arches across the middle part. One downside of having a hawk nose is its possibility to cause severe respiratory difficulties. In addition, since the bridge’s central region is drooping downwards, the cartilage and bone structure might obstruct airflow.


Upturned Nose or Celestial Nose

This kind of nose shape, sometimes known as a celestial nose, is one of the most appealing of all. The term celestial nose is inspired by its close resemblance to that of Querubin angels. While having an upturned nose is wanted by many, researchers consider this nose shape a minor form of abnormality.

As the apex of an upturned nose protrudes towards the end, it has a small dent across the bridge. This tiny depression is a form of underdeveloped cartilage. Nonetheless, an upturned nose isn’t a reason for any medical-related concerns. Unless the structure interferes with your breathing, there is nothing to be worried about. Besides, there are many surgical and nonsurgical alternatives available if your upturned nose shape is bothering you.


Bumpy Nose

A bumpy nose is outlined to have either a prominent curve or slight depression on its bridge. Individuals who have this type of nose are the most popular candidates for a rhinoplasty procedure. For surgeons, fixing a bumpy nose is a very straightforward process. Treatments are minimal and less invasive in comparison with other techniques like slimming and widening.


Nixon’s Nose

The Nixon’s nose is one of the least frequent nose shapes, owing to its resemblance to the prominent feature seen on the thirty-seventh president of the United States. This pronounced nose shape is easily distinguished by its straight bridge, which curls at the end with a broader tip. Nixon’s noses are also known as Pinocchio nose, found in less than one percent of the population.


Do Nose Shapes Matter?

Aside from appearance, our nose shape plays a significant role in the respiratory process. Our nose’s function extends beyond that of breathing and smelling. As a matter of fact, it has been scientifically proven that our nose is effective in controlling air levels.

Maintaining balanced levels of temperature and humidity is vital in air regulation. It aids in keeping the air warm and moist before it enters the lungs. It also helps in keeping bacteria and allergens out of our respiratory tract. A study indicates that by the moment air reaches the end of our throat, our nose can filter the air to a near-perfect moisture level.


Can I Change my Nose Shape?

getting rhinoplastySome people are lucky to be born with a nose that is well-proportional, while others are not. If you consider yourself one of the latter, you may do a variety of things to improve the shape of your nose. Many workouts promise to modify the form of your nose. There is, however, no proof if these are effective.

If you want to alter the contour of the nose, cosmetic surgeons suggest injecting dermal fillers containing hyaluronic acid. This treatment changes your nose structure by inserting semi-permanent liquid underneath the skin. On the other hand, Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that reconstructs the bones and cartilages of the nose. This treatment produces more dramatic and long-lasting effects.


Should I Get a Nose Job?

There are no right or wrong answers when deciding whether or not to have a nose job. What matters most is what you believe will be best for you. If your present nose shape interferes with your confidence and self-esteem, considering having a nose job is a viable option.

A nose job can either be an invasive or non-invasive procedure. However, even with the slightest change, it can enhance your overall appearance. So, if you want to get the most out of your nose job, it will be best to talk to your doctor about your goals. Your surgeon will assist you in visualising these features and qualities and provide nose reshaping options that will suit your facial structure.


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