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There are different facets on how beauty is interpreted. It can be from a variety of standards and is often challenging to follow through. One of the most common defining factors for beauty is achieving a perfect facial symmetry. As people search high and low for ways on how to reach this standard, going under the knife seems to be the most practical choice. Because the nose is the center of our face, it is the first thing that anyone would notice. People turn to rhinoplasty surgery where simple alterations are done on the nose to get a symmetrical face.

As the origin of facial symmetry unfolds, the importance of this theory is embraced by many. In this article, we will explain all about rhinoplasty surgery as well as its contribution to improving facial symmetry.


Why Do People Want to Have a Symmetrical Face?

It all dates back to the history of man’s evolution. Those who have asymmetrical features are easily labelled as someone who is unfit, frail, or sick. On the other side, those with almost perfect symmetry are considered as strong and healthy. Thus, the theory of facial symmetry was born. It defined that those who have symmetrical facial features are more attractive to the eyes.


What Is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty surgery, more commonly known as nose job, is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures done to enhance one’s facial features. It offers a complete reshaping and reconstructive process following the patient’s liking. Undergoing a nose job can provide lots of opportunities to balance out one’s facial characteristics.

The basic process of a rhinoplasty procedure involves the cosmetic surgeon’s expertise and the use of specialised tools. The surgeon begins by making an incision on the nostrils. Afterwards, reshaping of the nose as desired will follow. Changes with the size, position, and projection of the nose will greatly affect your overall look. Once the procedure is done, you’ll surely gain a lot more confidence and increase your self-esteem.


How Can One Achieve a Symmetrical Face Through Rhinoplasty?

types symmetrical faceOne common misconception about getting a rhinoplasty is to achieve a perfect nose shape and appearance. Although today’s technology is not anywhere close to impossible, it can still be challenging to get that sense of perfection. However, a nose job can help in balancing out your facial features, giving you a more aesthetically appealing appearance. To have the right nose shape, size, projection, and position will greatly affect the way you look.

Rhinoplasty surgery offers numerous benefits from a person’s physical, mental, emotional, health, and overall well-being. With this procedure, achieving a symmetrical face is possible. Read below to learn more on how a nose job can improve your facial symmetry.

Closed Rhinoplasty

With this technique, incisions are only made along the inner area of the nostrils. This reduces the chances of visible scarring because the incisions are well-hidden in the nostrils. However, accessibility to some nasal structures is limited.

Open Rhinoplasty

Almost similar to closed rhinoplasty, an open rhinoplasty also includes incisions inside the nostrils. However, it is also joined together with a small incision in between the nostrils or what they call as columella. There will be full access to nasal structures, leading to more optimal results.

Reduction Rhinoplasty

As its name suggests, reduction rhinoplasty is done for patients who seek adjustments on their nose size to make it either smaller or shorter. There are also instances wherein patients with an enlarged hump on their nose bridge needs to undergo this type of rhinoplasty.

Revision Rhinoplasty

Whether it is for aesthetic or functional purposes, a revision rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that lets you achieve an overall transformation. It is a secondary surgery that corrects issues related to the initial procedure. However, this is also one of the most complicated cosmetic procedures which could lead to a number of risks. Since the nose is our central facial feature, it has a complex structure and can also affect breathing functions.


What Should I Expect On A Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Rhinoplasty is a pretty simple cosmetic procedure, but it still depends on the extent of your plans with your surgeon. Although you’ll receive general or local anesthesia, there will be no overnight stay required. Rhinoplasty does not need that much aftercare effort during its recovery stage.

treatment symmetrical faceSimply following the procedure and your surgeon’s advice would suffice. However, you may experience a period of swelling and bruising. This is perfectly normal for everyone and would only last for a couple of days and weeks. The entire healing process would usually take almost two weeks.

In cases where you notice side effects that are not mentioned, you should contact your surgeon immediately and explain the details.


Who Can Have Rhinoplasty?

Everyone who wants to have an improvement on their facial symmetry and overall appearance can undergo rhinoplasty. However, it is still important to consult first with your physician and talk to your surgeon about your medical history before finalizing your decision to undergo Rhinoplasty.


Where Can I Get Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Here at Refine, you can achieve the facial symmetry and improved appearance that you desire. From our team of experts and qualified surgeons, you can enhance your facial features to make it more symmetrical than ever. You can look and feel more confident about your appearance without disregarding the functional benefits.  Book your appointment now and enjoy free consultation as we lead you towards reaching a better, more appealing version of you!