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What is the rhinoplasty swelling timeline? When can a person see the final results of their nose job? This article will talk about what a person should expect during the recovery and healing period of rhinoplasty surgery.


Swelling after rhinoplasty

Swelling after a nose job procedure is normal. People should expect to see swelling on the surgical site, especially in the days and weeks following the surgery. 

The swelling should be observed closely by the patient. All swelling and pain should slowly get less as time goes by. If the swelling will noticeably become worse, it is important that the person see the surgeon that performed the surgery.


Rhinoplasty swelling timeline

As a person recovers from a nose job, the swelling will go down gradually over the course of a few weeks until the nose sets into its final form. 

After one week

After one week, the surgical wound is still considered fresh. The person may expect to feel pain and see swelling around the surgical site, even when the nasal splint will be taken off.rhinoplasty swelling timeline

After a few months

A few months after the surgery, the swelling should already be almost gone. However, sometimes swelling may recur in the surgical site as the nose continues to heal.

After a year

The final results of rhinoplasty surgery will be visible after around six months to a year, at the most. By this time, the swelling should be completely gone and the final result should have set in.

It is important to keep track of the swelling. If the swelling does not go away, if it gets worse, or if the pain in the surgical site intensifies, it is a good idea to see the surgeon that performed the rhinoplasty surgery. Pain or swelling that gets worse over time may be a sign of infection. The surgeon will be able to tell if you have an infection and what to do about it. Visiting your surgeon will ensure that your nose job will be saved and the infection be treated right away.