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When thinking about undergoing rhinoplasty surgery, one of the considerations we think about is the cost. Because it is common knowledge that all surgical procedures are expensive, we assume that rhinoplasty cost will also be pricey. But what exactly makes rhinoplasty cost expensive? Here are some of the factors that make up your rhinoplasty cost.


What is rhinoplasty for?

If you are dissatisfied with how your face looks, maybe you should consider undergoing facial cosmetic surgery, like rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is the surgical reconstruction surgery that reshapes, resizes, and realigns the nose to suit your face. It is actually the most popular facial cosmetic surgery in the world. The impact that it does is remarkable since its position is at the centre of the face. Any alteration to the shape, size, and projection of the nose can positively affect how the face looks.


How much does a rhinoplasty cost?

To determine the rhinoplasty cost, we must first consider all the elements of this plastic surgery procedure.


nose job costWhy do you need it?

This question is one of the most common questions your surgeon will ask you during your initial consultation. Is it for aesthetics alone or you have a medical condition that rhinoplasty can address? Knowing what needs to be corrected and letting the surgeon explain to you how he will perform the nose job will give you an idea as to how much your rhinoplasty cost would reach.


How much alteration is needed?

Because we all have different types of noses, our need to have a nose job also varies. Not everyone has the same nasal problems that will require the same solutions. If you only need very minor revisions to how your nose looks, maybe a nonsurgical rhinoplasty is enough as it could work best for you. Using dermal fillers, the surgeon will just inject the solution to your nose bridge to make your nose look straight, remove bumps (dorsal hump), and make the illusion of your nose becoming narrower. With this procedure, you can expect that the rhinoplasty cost is cheaper. But if your aesthetic (or medical) need really entails surgery, your surgeon will give you a quotation of the whole procedure so you won’t get surprised about how much you would have to pay post-surgery.


Where do you want to perform your surgery?

rhinoplasty payment schemesAnother factor to think about is the location of the hospital or surgeon that you would want to handle your rhinoplasty surgery. There are cities or states that are best known for their successful cosmetic surgeries. Of course, the top plastic and cosmetic surgeons may be located there. Along with this notion, their professional fees are also expected to skyrocket to compensate for their expertise and experience. So, you can expect that the rhinoplasty cost for each region or state would differ, and each city will also require a different expenditure. For instance, the rhinoplasty cost in Sydney would be different from what is being offered in Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast, or Adelaide. To get an accurate estimate of how much your rhinoplasty surgery would cost, contact us and set an appointment with our surgeons at AU Rhinoplasty Sydney to learn more.


How should you pay for your rhinoplasty cost?

If there are different rates for the rhinoplasty cost, there are also different means for you to pay for it. You must first determine if your rhinoplasty surgery is done as a cosmetic procedure or as a medical or reconstructive procedure. Rhinoplasty, if performed to solve a medical problem like septal deviation, sleep apnea, or congenital disability (cleft lip or palate), can be covered by your medical insurance. You just have to discuss with your medical insurance provider if they would shoulder a portion or part of the rhinoplasty cost so you can plan out your expenses smartly.

However, if your rhinoplasty surgery is for the purpose of aesthetics alone, most medical insurance companies would not cover the expenses since it is deemed medically unnecessary. Here are some ways that can help you finance your cosmetic rhinoplasty.


Credit card

Using your credit card to pay for your rhinoplasty cost cuts both ways. On the positive side, using your card to pay for expensive procedures, like your nose job, can let you have cash back rewards or high rebates. On the other hand, you have to make sure that the credit card you are using has low-interest rates, because it may be a burden for you to repay your monthly dues if your card uses high-interest rates. Choose one that also offers a longer payment period to help you divide the rhinoplasty cost to more years, making it more affordable and convenient.


Personal loan

rhinoplasty cost payment

In the case of personal bank loans, they will give you a specific amount of money that you can spend however you please. This means that you can plan for your expenses before and after the surgery, including the post-op needs and medications, as well as your logistics,(gas, food, rent, etc.) just make sure that your credit score and annual income are enough for you to be approved.


Patient payment schemes

There are a lot of doctors who are willing to work with patients to create a payment plan for their rhinoplasty cost. As most medical facilities do not have the infrastructure to handle these kinds of financing plans, doctors and patients team up to work with third party financing groups who offer different payment schemes to help them shoulder the cost of their surgery. Talk to our surgeons at AU Rhinoplasty Sydney to learn more.