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Are you considering getting a nose job in Thailand? Be sure to thoroughly research the risks involved before heading overseas to receive plastic surgery in an unfamiliar country. You may find the cost of surgery is not worth the emotional price you pay.

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Plastic surgery procedures, including face and body contouring, are popular among men and women all over the world. Nose surgery, specifically rhinoplasty, is the second most popular plastic surgery in the world. Some patients are hoping to reduce small imperfections in their nose, while others may want to alter their nasal structure to achieve more dramatic results. To help reduce costs, some patients feel that travelling to another country like Thailand can help to reduce the cost of a nose job. Most patients find that, while they might save a few bucks, it can come with a big risk and you might ultimately be compromising quality for cost.

What is the Average Cost of a Nose Job?

It can be hard to get a straight answer when you try to find a set cost for rhinoplasty procedures. This is because in Sydney, determining your nose surgery price will require an in-depth assessment and a consultation. Facial surgery like a nose job is a very delicate procedure that should be carefully tailored to suit each patient individually. The approach a surgeon takes with you should not be identical to other patients who have different aesthetic concerns. As such the average cost of a nose job in Australia is based on the extent of treatment you are receiving. A nose job in Thailand, however, may be advertised at a certain price in an attempt to lure patients from other countries, and may end up being more expensive based on the changes you want.

The Risks of Rhinoplasty in Thailand

When considering surgery in a less developed country with laws and rules you may not understand, the price of cheap rhinoplasty may not always be worth the potential side effects. It is important to remember that plastic surgery comes with potential side effects and risks in any country, including Australia. However, these risks are greatly reduced when the surgery is performed by an experienced plastic surgeon or under the supervision of a licensed surgical professional with the proper qualifications. In countries you may be unfamiliar with, there may be less stringent rules on sanitation, which could increase your risk of infection, anaesthesia related complications, or improper technique. Nasal surgery requires an increased level of skill and precision, and you may sustain unattractive results that ultimately will require revision rhinoplasty to achieve the look you originally desired.
Risks of Rhinoplasty

Finding the Right Surgeon in Sydney

Many patients hear about medical tourism and are intrigued by the idea of visiting another country and potentially saving money. Other patients may have tried to find a surgeon they like to no avail, sustaining expensive fees in the process. With so many cosmetic surgeons on the market, it can be difficult to find the right one for you. That’s why Refine Clinic offers a free initial assessment with an expert Consultant that works closely with our surgeons, at no additional cost to you. That means patients can enjoy an in-depth and personalised plastic surgery consultation with our experienced Consultant completely complimentary! This can help you ask the questions you’ve never been able to discuss and receive advice tailored around what you wish to see when you look in the mirror. Your surgeon should be willing to discuss your beauty goals and help you understand the best approach to achieve your desired results.


How Does Rhinoplasty Differ in Thailand?
Facial plastic surgery is more or less the same around the world. That is, they are typically performed for similar reasons on men and women who meet the recommended criteria. Certain governing agencies, like the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia, determine the rules and regulations on how to perform procedures like rhinoplasty and what is considered safe. In smaller, less developed nations like Thailand, it can be harder to compare the quality of treatment because they may not follow the same set of standards as countries like the United States or Australia. Many high-end plastic surgery facilities in Sydney equip the newest technology that can sometimes help to increase precision, reduce downtime or minimise surgery risks during your procedure. Other facilities in countries like Thailand may not have access to the same level of technology or innovation, so you are at risk of receiving a subpar rhinoplasty for a lower nose job price.
Is Thailand Rhinoplasty Right For Me?
When considering receiving a rhinoplasty in Thailand or a similar country, be sure to do adequate research and ask to compare the pros and cons of travelling to a faraway country for a surgical procedure. Some patients are recommended a surgeon by a coworker, friend or family member who has travelled to Thailand and received rhinoplasty, and they believe since they have seen the results, it is safe and reliable. The truth is, with overseas plastic surgery, there are risks outside of shoddy or subpar treatments. Even with a qualified or experienced cosmetic surgeon, some patients may encounter other complications or expenses. Communication barriers, for example, may arise in a country where you are unfamiliar with the native language. This can translate into a miscommunication of what you want, leaving you with something other than your desired result. Other issues may include risks or complications that arise post-surgery, once you have returned to your home country. Many patients find that the money they spend on travel, accommodations, translation services and follow-ups end up costing them more than if they had gone to a local Sydney surgeon.
What Are the Benefits of a Rhinoplasty?

Most patients desire a rhinoplasty surgery because they are unhappy with the current appearance of their nose. Additionally, a nose job can utilise different nasal surgery techniques to correct other issues, like sinus trouble, snoring, or breathing problems. Typically, however, the benefits are aesthetic, and they can help patients achieve a more symmetrical facial profile. A nose job in Thailand can compromise the integrity of your rhinoplasty procedure and the entire harmony of your face. When performed by a surgeon with decades of experience and a delicate approach to rhinoplasty, however, many patients can achieve correction in areas that they have always felt self-conscious or embarrassed about.

Some of the benefits of rhinoplasty in Bondi Junction include improvements in:

  • The shape, size, or structure of your nose
  • Congenital imperfections, like bumps on the bridge
  • Disproportion to other facial features
  • Residual damage from a broken nose
  • Nostrils that are oversized
  • How far the nose protrudes
Can Anyone Receive Facial Surgery?
While a large population of people can enjoy the benefits that facial surgery like rhinoplasty can offer, it is essential to remember that not everyone may be an ideal candidate for this type of procedure. Smokers, patients with health complications, or those with unreasonable expectations for rhinoplasty may not be able to undergo a plastic surgery procedure. It’s possible that some changes in lifestyle can be made if you are truly interested in receiving correction, so it is important to find a surgeon who is willing to discuss your options and be completely candid with you.
When Will I See the Results of My Nose Job?
After surgery, most patients will experience swelling, redness, bruising and some discomfort in the treated area. With rhinoplasty in Sydney, this typically subsides after the first two weeks, but there will likely still be residual swelling in the surrounding areas for months after the initial procedure. Nasal surgery in general often takes longer for full results to be seen, with many patients having to wait around 12 to 18 months to see how their new nasal structure looks with the rest of the face. Because of this, surgery in another country like Thailand can be especially risky, because you are not entirely sure of what your results may be until you return home and allow the healing process to commence. For some patients, a secondary rhinoplasty may be necessary to further alter or correct some aspects of the nose to achieve a more balanced result.

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