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Enhancing a person’s features may consist of chiselling jaws, performing surgeries for asymmetry and more. However, countless surgical nose job procedures stretch from Sydney, Melbourne, or Perth and across the globe. Classic nose job procedures usually cost $7000 to $15000 or more depending on what your nasal problems are.  

An in-office liquid rhinoplasty or dermal filler technique may be the change that you need. You can expect risks and benefits to vary depending on the type of nose shape you want. Here is our take on a non – surgical nose job that you may ask our clinic for more information.


Advantages Of Non – Surgical Nose Job

Countless articles talk about the terms, hyaluronic acid, 15 – minute nose job, or non – surgical Rhinoplasty and how it works. The process is ideal for temporary contouring and isn’t ready for the risks of surgical procedures. The benefits of a non – surgical nose job outweigh its risks. So, if you’re determined to enhance your facial features, consider these advantages before proceeding. 

  • Smoothens the bump of the nose
  • Prominent nose tip
  • Dermal fillers enhance the volume of your nose
  • Less painful than rhinoplasty surgery
  • Results last from 8 months to 1 year
  • Temporary or permanent depending on the patient


Are Non – Surgical Nose Jobs Safe? How Can I Be Sure?

Surgeries are not exempted from having side effects or symptoms of unhealthy recovery. The safest place to put an injectable dermal filler is in your nose bridge. Yet, health conditions may restrict the healing process of a nonsurgical nose job. This issue explains why doctors recommend their patients to rest and avoid habits like smoking or drinking alcohol. 

Several side effects of a non – surgical nose job may include blurred vision, fever, allergic reaction, hives, or redness and bruising. The only way for a patient to be sure of a safe recovery is to get a non – surgical nose job from a reputable plastic surgery clinic.  


How Long Does A Non – Surgical Nose Job Recovery Last?

Same-day treatments aren’t usually possible when altering the face or body. Sensitive tissues and bones around the nasal profile tend to get swollen and inflamed easily. However, surgeons that use a dermal filler for a non – surgical nose job have immediate results. A dermal filler makes the nose jobs last from 15 to 45 minutes. To make sure that you are qualified to become a patient, have an X-ray checkup with your general doctor first. You may need this medical record the next time you visit your Rhinoplasty surgeon. 


Liquid Rhinoplasty Or Traditional Rhinoplasty?

It may be enticing and challenging to choose between dermal fillers, injectables, and Rhinoplasty for your nose fix. The only difference that experts may guarantee is the cost and the techniques done. Procedures in traditional also have ingredients and tools that aren’t needed in noninvasive operations.

Either way, the results of a nose job are guaranteed success if you got a Rhinoplasty surgery from a certified cosmetic surgeon. Regardless of what you will choose, preparation for surgery is recommended. Ask questions from your doctor regarding what diet to eat and tips to have a healthy body


Limitations Of A Non – Surgical Nose Job

Non Surgical Nose Job

With any surgery, there are risks and limitations that the technique may have. According to nose job experts, dermal filler injections can’t narrow nasal tip or slim nose width by bringing in the nostrils on the base. 

Also, you may not have decreased nasal projection since it requires medical surgery. Since non – surgical nose job using a dermal filler rose quickly, there are more questions regarding its effectivity. 

Some clinics also claim that they have specialists that have years of training for non – surgical nose jobs without proof. Don’t fall for any of these scams and ask for before and after pictures from a professional nose job specialist.


Want A Less Painful Rhinoplasty Procedure? 

Having an augmented face for aesthetic pleasures isn’t so bad to think about. But, if you want a less painful rhinoplasty, you must know the right people to treat you. Experts at Refine Clinic may guide you about the benefits of getting a non – surgical nose job. Of course, our cosmetic nose surgeons may offer other options in Rhinoplasty that won’t put your money to waste. Contact us now and see the difference in having a beautifully sculped nose job from our experts.