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Beauty standards usually differ depending on each country’s culture and history. In South Korea, the concept of ideal beauty is far not the same as the western culture. As a matter of fact, Korean beauty standards have become a popular aspect of this fast-growing Asian culture. Read on to understand the six standard features of Korean beauty and where to go if you want to improve your appearance.


Female Korean Beauty Standards

Very much like some other countries, South Korea has its own standards of beauty. In fact, most Korean girls get cosmetic surgery for this ideal female beauty.


Small Face

A small face in Korean society reflects true beauty. In fact, many Asian people, especially Korean, tend to have smaller eyes, making their faces appear bigger. Because of that, many South Korean women, and even South Korean men, strive to attain a V-shaped look. This face has undefined jawlines and cheeks with a pointy chin.korean beauty standards

In addition, contour plays a vital part to depict the illusion of a smaller face. Contrary to western beauty standards, where the goal of contouring is to highlight the cheekbones and jawline. Thus, numerous Koreans shade the external line of their faces to get a more thin and smaller look.

Concerning plastic surgery, being one of the most incredible plastic medical procedures globally, South Korea offers cosmetic treatment to accomplish a V-shaped face. The method is known as v-line and intends to shave the jawline to give a more slim and smaller face.


Small, Pointy Nose

Another critical facial feature in the Korean beauty industry has a small but pointy nose. In fact, many K-pop idols have small faces with a high nose bridge that depict elegant and sophisticated characters.


Small Mouth & Plump Lips

Korean ideal beauty of a small face with v-shaped jawlines and a small pointy nose will not be completed without having a small mouth. However, this smallmouth must have plump lips, but the bottom lip should be more plumper than the top one.


Big Eyes

Having big eyes with double eyelids is another factor in South Korea’s ideal beauty. Though we previously mentioned the importance of having a small face, this feature depicts a more youthful and innocent look that makes a face more attractive.

Most Koreans have small eyes with monolids. To improve the size of their eyes, they mostly go for plastic surgery. Double eyelid surgery is one of the most popular procedures that aim to make a second eye crease for a more prominent eye look.


Pale Skin

Contrary to Western culture’s desired golden tan skin, pale and fair skin is much more preferred in the east. This cultural beauty standard occurs because of social classes.

In fact, nowadays, Asian countries have so many whitening products that can help achieve paler skin. Many South Korean women use a lot of UV protection gear such as protective sleeves, parasols, and sunscreen. Korean skincare and beauty products such as face masks and sheet masks also give blighting impacts to highlight paler skin.


Slim Figure

South Korea is one of the countries that have low obesity rates. This is because having a slim figure is highly applauded and seen as an indication of beauty in Korean culture.

To have a slim body, numerous Koreans go on diets or plastic surgery. On account of diets, South Korean turn to weight loss facilities or attempt popular diets online. Dieting pills are likewise a typical method and are accessible in pharmacies.

For plastic surgical treatment, liposuction and abdominoplasty are well-known choices to reduce weight. Specifically, fat burning injections, made famous by Korean pop stars, are the most common strategies to improve body figures.


Looking For A Qualified Surgeon?

If you plan to go to Korea just to get the treatment you want, you may want to think twice and weigh the risks of undergoing plastic surgery overseas. We strongly advise you to speak with your family doctor to help you know the consequences of your decision. Korean beauty standards are indeed different from other countries like Australia, especially when it comes to safety protocols, candidate choice, and other risk reduction steps. However many women desired that look, let your safety and convenience urge you to consider trusting highly-qualified plastic surgeons in our country. Getting in touch with a trained plastic surgeon, like the ones we have at AU Rhinoplasty Sydney, can help you achieve the look you want. Contact us at (02) 8880 9037 for more details.



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