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There are many solutions to straighten your nose, one of which is through plastic surgery. In particular, septoplasty surgery continues to be a popular choice among all cosmetic reconstruction procedures. This procedure helps reshape and enhance the proportions of the nose. Through the years, many people continue to ask questions like, “Will a septoplasty straighten my nose?” In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about septoplasty and how it can improve your appearance.


Septoplasty and Nose Structure: An Overview

People are born differently. Sometimes, our nasal structure becomes too bothersome to the point that it already affects our self-esteem and quality of life. Luckily, these concerns are not permanent problems that we have to deal with.

Several decades ago, scientists and cosmetologists alike had come to the discovery of a brilliant solution that will help improve an individual’s nasal structure. This treatment is now popularly known as septoplasty.


What Is Septoplasty?

Septoplasty is a slightly invasive surgical procedure that helps straighten the septum. The septum is the cartilage and bone structure that divides the space between the two nostrils. Many people that are born with a deviated septum appear to have a crooked nose.

Septoplasty is a popular plastic surgery technique that requires a surgical process. During a septoplasty procedure, your cosmetic surgeon will perform the proper techniques to reposition your nasal structure. This process involves several cutting and removal of unnecessary parts of your deviated septum. Afterward, reinsertion and alignment will follow.


What Are the Different Types of Septoplasty?

There are two kinds of septoplasty procedures, namely a closed and an open one. The type of surgery will depend on how complex your deviated septum is.

Closed septoplasty only requires minor changes. It is a non-invasive procedure that involves small incisions within the nose’s linings, called the mucosa. This incision provides access to the area that requires straightening.

On the other hand, an open septoplasty is a more invasive process. This procedure requires more time to heal because it involves an overall change in the nose’s appearance.


Why Is Septoplasty Done?

why choose septoplastyMost of the time, a deviated septum can make it difficult for the person to breathe through their nose. In severe cases, it can cause a complete blockage on one side of the nose, which results in a reduction of the airflow. This concern increases the risk of sinus infections because of poor nasal drainage.

Septoplasty allows repositioning of the cartilage and bone structure to the middle of your nose. It straightens your septum and also improves the appearance of a crooked nose. After the treatment, you will likely find it easier to breathe.


Are there Any Risks During A Septoplasty?

Like all invasive surgeries, a septoplasty can carry certain risks such as infection, minor bleeding, and adverse reactions. Fortunately, these risks are entirely avoidable with the right treatment plan. Therefore, it is essential to talk to your surgeon about your specific medical history and concerns before your surgery.

In case these complications happen, there is no need to panic. Additional surgeries are very common to help treat some of these concerns. If your septoplasty results fail to match your expectations, you can still have several follow-up restoration procedures.


What Should I Expect Before Surgery?

It is essential to prepare before your actual septoplasty procedure. Your doctor will ask to have an initial meeting to discuss the surgery’s different benefits and conditions. The discussion will include the following topics:


  • Patient medical history

Your doctor will ask for your past medical records. It is crucial to be completely honest with your surgeon about your complete medical background during this discussion. In case you have a history of allergies, adverse reactions, or anything that poses a concern, this is the right time to let your surgeon know about it. You must also inform your doctor if you are taking any medications or supplements. Giving your surgeon all the information will help them create the best treatment plan and minimise risks.


  • Physical examination

You should expect your doctor to require initial screening and tests before proceeding with the surgery. These tests include inspection of your skin and imaging scans inside and outside your nose. A patch test may be essential to check for your skin’s reaction to anaesthesia.


  • Photographs

Prior to surgery, your doctor will take several photographs of your nose from different angles. These photos will vary from your crooked nose’s external appearance to your deviated septum’s internal imaging. Your surgeon may also use these images as a reference during and after the surgical procedure.


What Happens During the Surgery?

The surgery will begin as your surgeon puts you on anaesthesia. Anaesthesia is necessary to minimise the sensation during the surgery. There are two kinds of anaesthesia, either local or general. Your doctor will be the one to choose which of the two will be the best for your treatment. Several incisions and cuts are necessary to trim off the deviated septum. Pushing nasal bones are also essential to realign the crooked nose. Afterward, your surgeon will place soft splints inside each nostril to support the septum as it heals. The whole treatment process usually takes about thirty to forty-five minutes, depending on the procedure’s invasiveness.


How Long Is the Recovery Time?

healing time septoplastyIf you follow your doctor’s aftercare advice, the healing will last a few weeks. During this time, it is necessary to refrain from strenuous activities and avoid touching your nose. Depending on the extent of your surgery, your nasal tissues will stabilise in at least three months following your surgery.

However, you can expect some movement and cartilage reshaping during the healing process. When this happens, be sure to contact your surgeon as soon as possible. These changes usually occur, which would mean that you require follow-up procedures.


Where Can I Get A Septoplasty Surgery?

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