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Does swelling after rhinoplasty happen? What can be expected after rhinoplasty surgery? If you are thinking about getting a nose job, and are afraid of experiencing uneven swelling after rhinoplasty, you have reached the right article that can help you. This article will also touch on the subject of how to reduce swelling after rhinoplasty.

Swelling after rhinoplasty

After any type of surgical operation, one can expect to experience some level of swelling immediately following the procedure. For the few weeks that immediately come after the surgery, a person can expect swelling and mild pain, and they should not be alarmed if they experience swelling because after rhinoplasty.

How long is the recovery for rhinoplasty?

swelling after rhinopolastyThe initial recovery for a nose job is around two weeks after the rhinoplasty procedure. It will also take around this timeframe for most of the swelling around the surgical site to subside. Should there be swelling after the first two weeks of recovery, it is normal and should resolve on its own in the weeks and months to follow.

The final result of a nose job will usually take up to six months to a full year to be seen. Up to this point, there can still be some residual swelling in the nasal area. If you are concerned, or if the swelling is getting worse, and you are experiencing increasing pain, talk to your surgeon as an infection may be forming.

How to reduce swelling after rhinoplasty

Although swelling is normal, there are some ways by which you can reduce the swelling in the surgical site. The most important thing you can do is to follow the after-care instructions given to you by your surgeon. These instructions will tell you about certain medications that you ought to avoid while recovering ad also about any supplements you can take to promote healing and reduce swelling in the area.

Also, swelling can be reduced by using an ice pack, avoiding smoking, and keeping your head elevated. If you are hesitant to try home remedies, before leaving your doctor’s office after the surgery, ask them about how to reduce swelling after rhinoplasty.