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With the way people are looking at themselves right now, focusing on flaws rather than celebrating each other’s unique traits, it is no wonder that more and more Australians are finding cosmetic surgery procedures so appealing. Rhinoplasty or nose reshaping, for instance, as one of the top 5 cosmetic surgery procedures in the whole world, changes the profile and overall look of a person’s facial features. But is nose job safe? Is going under the knife worth the pain and the risks that it entails? Let us find out more information about nose job surgery, how it is performed, what we could expect as its risks and complications, and what would make rhinoplasty a safe cosmetic surgery option.


Rhinoplasty: A Brief Overview


Rhinoplasty, more commonly known as nose job surgery, is a plastic surgery procedure that alters both the anatomical and physiological features of the nose. This unique procedure is not only used for aesthetic purposes, but it is also recommended to address medical or functional issues of the nose. This fact makes rhinoplasty one of the most sought-after plastic surgery procedure not just in Australia, but the whole world.


safe nose jobIt has two main types based on how the incisions during the surgery are made. Closed rhinoplasty has all the incisions located inside the nose (no scars post-op). In contrast, open rhinoplasty uses the same incisions as that with a closed nose job but has one external cut located near the base of the nose in between the nostrils. This approach may be considered an old-fashioned technique of rhinoplasty, but it is intended for significant alterations on the structure of the nose.


Who can undergo rhinoplasty?


One of the ways rhinoplasty surgeons make sure that the whole procedure is safe is to screen every patient they have if they are good candidates of this major operation. Because this surgery is customisable depending on a patient’s need, anyone can undergo nose job surgery as long as you are:


  • At an age where facial development and growth are complete (at least 16 to 17 years of age)
  • Generally healthy (passed all medical examinations and screenings)
  • Realistic about the rhinoplasty outcomes post-procedure


Is nose job safe for teens who would want to have a nose job surgery? Yes, but they are advised to wait a few more years until their features have fully developed. The reason is that the surgery if done to a still-developing nose, will alter its final results to compensate for the anatomic changes the face will undergo as one age. This would affect the overall success of the procedure, and you may need to undergo a revision surgery if you are not satisfied. The exception, however, is made with babies afflicted by congenital disabilities like cleft lip or palate. Surgeons would assess the baby to make sure that he is up for the surgery and take necessary precautions so the procedure would run smoothly.


Rhinoplasty: Risks and complications


No procedure done surgically could boast that they are completely safe without any risks and possible complications. Because these procedures are invasive in nature, the health hazards and potential threats of complications will always be considered and put into account. A nose job surgery, while deemed generally safe, can still be a potential danger to one’s life if done incorrectly. Here are some foreseeable risks and complications rhinoplasty surgeons inform their patients when discussing how safe a nose job surgery is.


  • risks of rhinoplastyBleeding
  • Anesthesia adverse reactions
  • Infection
  • Prolonged or on and off swelling
  • Injury to the septum (the wall in between the nostrils)
  • Pain and discomfort
  • The difficulty of breathing (due to swelling)
  • Dissatisfaction with the results


All these (and more!) will be discussed with you during your initial consultation and as you go along with the medical screening and examinations. Make sure that you voice out your concerns to your surgeon so he can advise and explain to you all the things that you need to know.


Is nose job safe?


Because the nose is just a small part of the body, some may think that rhinoplasty is a minor surgery. What they do not consider is the fact that the nose is a huge part of our respiratory system, and any complications during the procedure would affect our breathing, thus endangering our life with just a ‘minor’ surgery. Rhinoplasty surgeons, then, should make their patients understand that rhinoplasty is regarded as a major surgical procedure and entails delicate and complicated techniques in order to improve and enhance the nose’s features and functions.


nose job consultationIs nose job safe? Technically, yes, provided that you choose the best and most suitable rhinoplasty surgeon who would make sure that all your issues are addressed, and your safety and satisfaction are prioritised. One should also be prepared for the postsurgical outcomes and what they should expect they would look like for the next weeks or months because the final results of the surgery may be appreciated at least six months post-op when the swelling and bruising subside.


A good rhinoplasty surgeon would let you understand and guide you on what you should anticipate before, during, and after the surgery so that you can become realistic about the nose job results and expectations. He may also advise you that one surgery session may not be enough to achieve the final look that you both have been aiming for, and would help you be prepared for a secondary operation after you are all healed from the first one. Moreover, should there be significant dissatisfaction or complication that could happen after the surgery, your surgeon may also recommend undergoing a revision rhinoplasty to address these untoward effects of the initial operation.