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Love your nose? Some people may say yes, while some will honestly say no. there are many types of nasal structures here in Australia, brought about by the cultural diversity that we have in our country. We tend to compare the size and shape of our noses with other people and think that ours can be improved. While most of us will just accept the fact that beauty is not just about the nose, some would actively search for ways to enhance the way their noses look. And there is no denying the undergoing rhinoplasty is the best way to get that dream nose efficiently and permanent. But how does this cosmetic surgery procedure do it? And how much is a nose job in Sydney?


Rhinoplasty surgery: What it does and how it works

For people who have done their research and are just curious about how much is a nose job in Sydney, read through so you would have an idea about the rhinoplasty cost in Sydney. But for those who are just starting to explore this unique plastic surgery, here is the basic information that you should know about a ‘regular’ nose job.


Nose job function

considerations for nose jobRhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure that alters the shape, size, and height of your nose by manipulating the internal nasal structures like the bone and cartilage. It is a unique cosmetic surgery because though its primary and more obvious use is to enhance or improve the physical appearance of your nose, it is also known that getting a nose job can actually address some known medical conditions that affect one’s breathing and airway. If a patient is diagnosed with sleep apnoea, deviated septum, or a congenital defect that affects the nose (cleft palate), an effective way to handle this is through rhinoplasty. We can say that rhinoplasty is the only plastic surgery procedure that is able to provide answers for both the aesthetic and functional conditions of the nose.


Nose job types

There are mainly two types of rhinoplasty. The open and closed rhinoplasty provides the same benefits with a slight difference in performing the procedure.

Closed rhinoplasty. This technique is also called a scarless nose job procedure because all the incisions needed to manipulate the physical appearance and function of the nose are all located internally. This technique is intended for minor nasal structure changes, and more and more rhinoplasty surgeons are now trying their best to master this technique to make the outcome more natural-looking.

Open rhinoplasty. This procedure also utilises the incisions used in closed rhinoplasty, with an exception to one external incision located near the base of the nose in between the nostrils called a columella. This incision is needed to get better visualisation of the nasal structures that need to be resharpened or removed. Thus, this procedure is used for more complicated nasal problems and is considered the old-style rhinoplasty. You can expect that after your recovery period, a small scar may be pinpointed in between your lip and the lower base of your nose, but it can be concealed by makeup.


How much is a nose job in Sydney?

Before knowing the estimated cost of rhinoplasty in Sydney, one must understand that it is not easy for surgeons and cosmetic clinics to give a standard price for rhinoplasty or any cosmetic surgery procedure anywhere in the world for that matter. Why? Because every patient is different, and their needs are varying as well. No two persons will come to the doctor with the same level of nasal reconstruction needed, so every procedure has to be customised to fit the need and preferences of everyone. Thus, if one really wants to know how much her nose job is going to cost her, we advise that she gets an appointment with a rhinoplasty specialist so he can examine and customise a treatment plan that would fit her needs and would give her an accurate cost estimation of the procedure.

However, just to give you an idea of how much you should prepare for a rhinoplasty procedure, we will give you a rough estimate based on the results of what our research gave us. We found out the geographic location where you would want to have your nose job can also affect the cost. So, how much is a nose job in Sydney? We can say that for you to get your rhinoplasty surgery in Sydney, Australia, you must have a budget of $6000 to $15000. This estimation is affected by the following variables:


discussion about rhinoplastyThe professional fees (surgeon and anaesthesiologist/anaesthetist). The expertise and reputation of your rhinoplasty surgeon would need to be compensated because their ability to perform the surgery accurately and safely is a very important factor for the surgery and is something that you just can’t short-change. The anesthesia cost would also need to be considered because the professionals who administer them charge separately.


Your nasal condition. If your need is only minor, it can be assumed that the cost is near the lower border of your budget. However, if the reconstruction is extensive and general anaesthesia is recommended, you can safely expect that the cost will really be expensive.


Your insurance coverage. Can your Medicare and insurance policy help you in paying for your rhinoplasty expenses? The answer is a conditional yes. Because we all know that Medicare and insurance policies mainly cover medical conditions. If your rhinoplasty is deemed necessary to address a functional problem related to a medical concern, your insurance ad Medicare may help you with your expenses.


We know that the estimation of the rhinoplasty cost we gave you is really broad, but we hope that you at least have an idea of what to expect when it comes to financing your surgical procedure. We, again, advise you to consult your trusted rhinoplasty surgeon so he can give you a definite price quotation custom-made to suit your needs and preference.